Top 3 Best Blogging Platform In 2015

There are a lot of people now a days who want to share their stories, thoughts and experiences with the world. Some use social media Like twitter , Facebook etc to share their thoughts but most of them find their own place to write about their experiences. These places are also referred as “BLOGS”. Some use premium blogs by purchasing domain names and setting up blog but most of them use Free Blogging platforms to blog.

There are a lot of blogging platforms which are free to create but here in this post i am going to tell you about the Top 3 Best Blogging Platform in 2015. I will tell you why these are highly recommended blogging platforms.


top 3 best blogging platform 2015

WordPress  is highly recommended platform for blogging. It comes on number 1 in Top 3 Best Blogging Platform in 2015. The reason i recommend this platform is because of its Interface. It gives its users an easy and highly modified interface which is easy to understand and use. With WordPress you can easily post your stories, thoughts or experiences and share them with the world without any cost. You can use it for both Paid and Free. If you are planning to have your own domain then this Platform is highly recommended and i would say their is no choice for any other platform to use then this.


Blogger Top 3 Best Blogging Platform in 2015

Blogger is my second choice if i want to blog for free. Blogger is owned by Google and is powerful blogging platform. With this Best Blogging Platform you can not only write your stories and experiences but you can also Earn money. With writing you can earn money if Blogger is your choice. Blogger integrate Google Ad sense which shows ads on your blog and when someone clicks on that ad you got paid for that click. But it is really difficult to approve your blog for Google Ad Sense. I will share about Google Ad Sense latter in my upcoming posts. So Blogger Comes on 2nd position in Top 3 Best Blogging Platforms in 2015.


Best Blogging Platforms

Now a days Weebly is widely being used for blogging. What gives it edge on other platforms like tumbler etc is its drag & drop functions. You just need drag and drop controls to create your own blog. However Weebly is mostly used for Lead Generation websites but not for blogging but it can also be used for blogging and is one of the best blogging platform to be used. With Weebly you can easily rank your blogs on top of search engines and share your stories with the World.

There are a lot of other blogging platforms which are free to use for blogging but these three are the most used best blogging platforms i recommend to you because of their easy to use interfaces. Hope you would have liked this post. Stay tuned for more.

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